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Blends Daek Dem139 Dvate Hancock Itch Jorz  Knows Perso Phibs Plea Presto Quench Sage Shem Shida Sirum Sofles Treas Vans The Omega Ironlak Croft Alley54

Croft 101 with Blends, Daek, Dem189, Dvate, Hancock, Itch, Jorz, Knows, Perso, Phibs, Plea, Presto, Quench, Sage, Shem, Shida, Sirum, Sofles, Treas and Vans The Omega

The Croft Alley has received thousands of pieces, tags, stickers, stencils, paste ups and everything else thrown at it over the last few years, so its hardly surprising to see the entire lane painted from head to toe from time to time. Many crews have given it a red hot go with the most recent being from the visiting Ironlak Family, alongside a couple of their spray painting compadres. There’s a pretty solid representation of Melbourne and Brisbane here, with crews such as F1, SDM, AWOL, MR, RDC, Flies, MSA and DTS all representing in one way or another, along with the travelling COD’s Wane in superhero guise. With it’s solid mixture of old and new graffiti writers, legitimate street artists and scale, this new coat of paint is one of the best to be found throughout the CBD and a definite must to check out if you’re a fan of the culture with each artist flexing their muscles with each section. Shida Itch   Treas Hancock Presto Dvate Jorz Phibs Sage Shem Daek One Vans The …

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VIDEO | Wane for the Reebok City Classics Collection

Graffiti video’s seem to get released everyday on the world wide web, most of them are great, showcasing absolute burners being done in the space of 4 or so minutes. But few sit down and talk with the people involved in making this culture so great, rather then going the same old route, Reebok sat down with COD legend Wane to give personal accounts of his time and knowledge with the global graffiti scene. A must much, click and listen.


GALLERY // New York City Kings at Rtist Gallery

To be considered a king in graffiti is a pretty big deal and to be one under the New York City banner, is a whole other thing. The New York City scene of the late 70s and 80s pretty much wrote the text-book on graffiti as we’ve since and ’til today, it wouldn’t be what it is without that period. It’s a very rare thing to have a collection of writers and artists in a group show such as this and it’s an even rarer thing to have it in Australia, but Rtist have brought them together to display some of their work and it’s certainly a treat for those who love the art form and its history. While I love them for their variety, I feel that I’m not so good at covering group shows, there’s usually so much going on and so much to look at, that the overall meaning of the show gets mixed up amongst the multiple artists expressing different things. This show, I didn’t feel as much, I don’t think …