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EDITORIAL | The Rise and Fall of Melbourne Street Art

It goes without saying that Melbourne was (at one point) one of, if not the, biggest and best cities on the global street art scene. But as we edge closer to, what is going to be, the 10 year anniversary of the initial street art boom, something seems to be a little off in our states capital. There’s no denying that artists are using the city and it’s surrounding suburbs to get their work/ideas across, but certainly not as much as before. Furthermore, while the original innovators have [deservedly so] moved onto international landscapes and while dipping their toes into the contemporary side of the art world, it has left a large hole for a new generation of would be street painters, designers and artists to make their mark on Melbourne. Unfortunately over the past year (in particular), less and less seems to be appearing outside, in regards to true street art. As I walk through Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs, I have found myself taking an abundance of graffiti flicks, but hardly any of our once world renowned …