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EDITORIAL | The Rise and Fall of Melbourne Street Art

It goes without saying that Melbourne was (at one point) one of, if not the, biggest and best cities on the global street art scene. But as we edge closer to, what is going to be, the 10 year anniversary of the initial street art boom, something seems to be a little off in our states capital. There’s no denying that artists are using the city and it’s surrounding suburbs to get their work/ideas across, but certainly not as much as before. Furthermore, while the original innovators have [deservedly so] moved onto international landscapes and while dipping their toes into the contemporary side of the art world, it has left a large hole for a new generation of would be street painters, designers and artists to make their mark on Melbourne. Unfortunately over the past year (in particular), less and less seems to be appearing outside, in regards to true street art. As I walk through Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs, I have found myself taking an abundance of graffiti flicks, but hardly any of our once world renowned …

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The Lady on 80 Collins Street by Rone

It goes without saying that this could in fact be the biggest mural by a local street artist in all of Australia, measuring at 9 storeys high and stretch a wall thats at least 10 metres long, this mammoth piece by Rone is a welcomed change to the Melbourne street art landscape. While there have been a few more pieces close to this scale, the idea of having pieces this large is still very new to Australia, as we watch our American, European, Asian and even New Zealand brethren take their art to epicly sized proportions on a weekly basis. But more then that, it’s a testament to just how talented this Everfresh artist is, it seems like only yesterday we were seeing his signature, beautifully minimal, paste ups popping up illegally (yes, illegally) around the city, to this globally recognised painting machine. These images really don’t do it justice, so make sure you head down there yourself and have a look at this amazing piece of free public art. Rone Click here for more from …

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VIDEO | ‘Neon Golden’ in Hong Kong

It’s always refreshing to see street artists doing it proper by actually going bombing, I was beginning to think that street art was just about painting walls for the internet. Video by Michael Danischewski Fintan Magee – Shida – Rone – Kyle Hughes-Odgers – Beastman – Yok –  Sheryo –  Numskull –  Vans The Omega – Roach – Phibs –  TwoOne – Jumbo – Thomas Jackson Click here for more Fintan Magee – Shida – Rone – Kyle Hughes-Odgers – Beastman – Yok – Sheryo – Numskull – Vans The Omega – Roach – Phibs – TwoOne – Michael Danischewski from Arty Graffarti


GALLERY // Rone ‘Fall From Grace’ at Backwoods Gallery

One of Melbourne’s most loved and respected street artists Rone opened his second solo show at Backwoods on Friday night, making it yet another good way to start the weekend. Rone alone has been a very prominent and important figure in Melbourne past and current street art culture, making this show yet another must see for all fans, whether old or new. With a body of work that would make most traditionally trained artists soil their pants, Rone is certainly not falling from anywhere, in fact, the only place this guy has and will continue going, is up. It’s always exciting when an artist the caliber of Rone finally brings their show down to Melbourne, seeing work so beautiful and refined just doesn’t have the same effect as seeing them on a computer screen from across the globe. There’s always a strange feeling I get when walking up the double storey steps of Backwoods, it’s usually a mixture of excitement and caution, I have no idea what’s lying ahead, but I’m excited to see what …

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GALLERY // Melbourne Street Art Retrospective ‘Space Invaders’ Exhibition at RMIT Gallery

This week, Thursday night, was Space Invaders night. Cramming into the RMIT Gallery on Swanston Street, The National Gallery of Australia’s Space Invaders show is a travelling exhibition of Australian [but mostly Melbourne] street artists works. Most of the works are from the street art boom at around 2004, but also includes new works from Stabs, HAHA and more. It’s a really impressive show and besides that, it’s good to see the government some what approving and even purchasing street art, thats right, these are all apart of the NGA collection now, so give yourself a pat on the back for putting some of those taxes to good use. My only real critique for this show and it’s kind of a big one for me is that there’s no graffiti in the show, there are a few tags on some of the display cases and there’s an old Aeon sketch,  but other then that, nothing highlighting our rich history of graffiti writers, you only need to just look at the King’s Way book to see …