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VIDEO // Tags and Throws Goes Bombing With Guns

If you love street art and graffiti, but you’ve never gone out for a night walk of getting up yourself, I feel sorry for you. This is the essence of what the culture is about, whether its with a can, a stencil, a paste up or a marker, getting your name up around town is where its at. While is it that we enjoy watching the things we do? New York City and Puerto Rico ain’t no joke either, a great video. Tags and Throws


FUTURA IN MELBOURNE // Part 1: Someday Store Signing

As some of you may have been aware, I was recently invited to a number of events involving one of the street art and graffiti global cultures biggest icons, Futura. Growing up as one of, what he calls, the second wave of the original graffiti writers in New York, the [now] artist has used and honed his skills to become one of the world’s most recognized heroes of the culture. It’s hard to ignore the chance to meet and greet one of the culture’s all time great’s, so I took the opportunity up and took some flicks in the process. While I missed him painting up the wall seen above, I did get a chance to say hello while he signed an old copy of Acclaim Magazine he featured in. [Note: his son, photographer 13th Witness took the cover photo] The very short tour was in conjunction with the artists recently launched collaboration with Hennessy Cognac, a drink that [on the rare occasion you have it] comes in the highest of quality, similar to the artist designing them. This made …