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Sector 9 Skateboard Co. is proud to introduce our latest Artist Series collaboration with renowned street artists MEGGS. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, his street art and gallery works are recognized internationally for his unique blend of graffiti and fine arts. MEGGS’ appreciation for cosmic book art, sci-fi fantasy, skateboarding, graffiti culture, heavy metal, and punk rock music are at the core of what inspires his work, and that inspiration can be found throughout our offering. We are stoked to release these limited edition boards in collaboration with such a talented, humble and rad artist, and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. MEGGS – SECTOR 9 Click here for more work from Meggs via Arty Graffarti

Meggs @ Backwoods16

GALLERY // Meggs ‘Truth In Myth II’ at Backwoods Gallery

Anyone who has followed this blog long enough knows that Meggs is one of my favourite street artists to not only come out of Melbourne, but since I ever got into the culture in the first place. Going to his solo show at the old Schwipe show has always been a fond memory of mine, it could have very well been the start in taking the street art and graffiti culture a bit more seriously. But lets not spend some much time talking about the past, lets focus on the present, even though I can’t afford originals as yet, out of the dozen or so print I currently own, 3 of them are Meggs’ and coming from someone who has an endless supply of places to get art for their house, thats saying a lot. I’ll be honest with you all, despite my fanboy attitude towards Meggs, I wasn’t a very big fan of his change in style that happened in his work 2-3 years back. Having being first introduced to his thick, bold, comic …

Space Invaders @ RMIT41

GALLERY // Melbourne Street Art Retrospective ‘Space Invaders’ Exhibition at RMIT Gallery

This week, Thursday night, was Space Invaders night. Cramming into the RMIT Gallery on Swanston Street, The National Gallery of Australia’s Space Invaders show is a travelling exhibition of Australian [but mostly Melbourne] street artists works. Most of the works are from the street art boom at around 2004, but also includes new works from Stabs, HAHA and more. It’s a really impressive show and besides that, it’s good to see the government some what approving and even purchasing street art, thats right, these are all apart of the NGA collection now, so give yourself a pat on the back for putting some of those taxes to good use. My only real critique for this show and it’s kind of a big one for me is that there’s no graffiti in the show, there are a few tags on some of the display cases and there’s an old Aeon sketch,  but other then that, nothing highlighting our rich history of graffiti writers, you only need to just look at the King’s Way book to see …

Meggs Inner Demons II Backwoods Gallery13

GALLERY // Meggs ‘Inner Demons II’ at Backwoods Gallery

Meggs launched his Inner Demons show on home turf in Collingwood on Friday night and it was worth the wait. Quite a fair bit has changed in Meggs’ style since his last show, but he is only getting better and better. Although I do miss the bold cartoon inspired style of the “old Meggs”, you can’t help but like what he’s putting out for this show and for, what seems to be, the future. Red is still a staple of his work, while blue seems to be more replaced with black and gold and it works. Also instead of his multi-layered mess of characters, hes using comic book clippings throughout his work, amazing, take a closer look at those and you’ll find so much more in his work. Although this may be quite a biased view as I’m already a big fan, this show is fantastic, there was nothing here I can say I didn’t like and you should definately head on down to Backwoods before it finishes! Meggs Backwoods Gallery