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EXHIBITION | ‘Made In Melbourne’ Group Show | Auguste Clown Gallery | February 19 – March 6

Join us for the opening night reception and drinks! “Made In Melbourne” brings together various artistic styles and mediums in a celebration of the local talent Melbourne has to offer. Including both traditional paintings and a collection of handmade sculptural pieces, the exhibition brilliantly showcases the diversity and quality of our hometown artists. Featuring over 30 local artists: Adi, Anna Scheen – Linogirl, Benjamin Laukas, Cat Rabbit, Christopher Hancock, Creatures of Nat, Deiter Barry Creations, Dvate, Ella Smethurst, Ellie McAlphine, Emma Hampton, Emma Leonard, Fiona Fioski, Hannakin, Jack Douglas, Jessica Charlotte, Jubly Umph, Julian Briones, Kaitlin Beckett, Lamai Anne, Lucy Lucy, Ouvra, Mel Macklin, Melissa Grisancich, MIMAW, Miss E, Mysterious Al, Nadia Turner, Sam Pea, Sarah Neale, Shawn Lu, Steve Cross, Stuart Amos, Tayla Broekman. Exhibition is on view at Auguste Clown Gallery from the 19th February – 6th March 2016. FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE AUGUSTE CLOWN GALLERY