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VIDEO // Gent x MTN x City of Colours Festival

City of Colours – Birmingham Street Art Festival 2014On the 6th September, Digbeth (Birmingham) , will see the City of Colours festival bring together over 100 artists, who will transform Digbeth into one of the UKs largest outdoor art galleries. The event will be a platform for promoting emerging talent alongside more established artists, with the streets being turned into a sea of colour with live painting, music, b boys and beat box battles, cinema screenings & other innovative and engaging visual art forms. Gent City of Colours Click here for more on Gent via Arty Graffarti

Gent x Skary MTN Hardcore

EXCLUSIVE | ‘Melbourne Hardcore’ with Gent and Skary

Back in May, Skary invited me along to take some flicks as he and Gent painted a big wall for MTN Australia.  With the theme of Hardcore in mind, the duo pushed out this wall, featuring a Skary white-outlined burner and a signature Gent character, with a devastating background to add a little extra cherry on top. Ben Jones was there to record the whole thing [with a little bit of night time footage also provided by yours truly ;) ], with the awesome accompanying video found at the end of the photo’s. Enjoy! Skary – Gent Ben Jones Read It & Weep – MTN Australia

Skary Gent Dvate Idsme Jorz Lench Paris Silk Porno OG23 Askm Ethiks Dabs Myla Degraves Street Melbourne21

29/07/2013 | Skary – Gent – Dvate – Idsme – Jorz – Lench – Paris – Silk Roy – Moan – OG23 – Askem – Ethix – Dabs & Myla | Degraves Street

By day, Degraves Street, is one of Melbourne’s busiest cafe quarters, hosting to thousands of hungry tourists and locals to some pretty average food. But by night, the space rolls down its shutters and becomes a prime spot for some of the cities best graffiti writers and street artists. The work found across this post was not done in a single night, rather collected over an extended period of time by some of Melbourne’s best latest and greatest doing what they do best. While I give props to everybody up here, my best on corrugated is a tie between Lench and OG23, but [as is always the case] it could really go to anybody here, its a choice spot. Skary Gent Dvate Idsme Jorz Lench Paris SDM/Dvate Silk Roy Moan OG23 & Askem Paris Askem Ethix Dabs & Myla Degraves Street Skary – Gent – Dvate – Idsme – Jorz – Lench – Paris – Silk Roy – Moan –  OG23 – Askem – Ethix – Dabs & Myla

Race Gent Porno Sabeth Ling Evil Sigs Dvate Northcote20

The Rifle Club | Dvate – Sigs – Ling – Sabeth – Porno – Gent – Race | Northcote

Rase I’ve walked passed this wall probably a thousand times, but it was only when Gent ask me to come say cheerio [before he left] last month that I truly realised its potential as a place to put a whole bunch of pieces up on. I mean, think about it, one large surface area, followed by a line that’s perfect height for putting a piece up on. With enough room for everybody, these guys did this space some serious justice, particularly with that earthy colour palet. I don’t really know what else to say because I think the work here speaks for itself, but I should note that Gent busted out the three birds [along with his piece] on the smaller section and my ‘Best On Ground’ award goes to Ling, but I could easily give it to everybody else also. Enjoy! Gent Porn Sabeth Ling Sigs Dvate Rase – Gent – Porn – Sabeth – Ling – Sigs – Dvate Northcote


GALLERY // Gent ‘Some Art What I Did’ at The Vic Bar

It comes as no surprise that this review pops up on the blog, if you’ve been looking over this space for the passed 2 or so weeks you would know that yours truly has been spending some time with the Gent. But I didn’t always know him and for the time I didn’t, I was a fan of this travelling artists work, the large scale characters have been a welcomed addition to Melbourne’s streets. So while this review may sound biased, I can remove myself from the passed couple of months and tell you, this is one seriously talented artist and not one that should be ignored during his visit. Walking into this show, I had an idea of what to expect, a lot of characters mixed with some killer graffiti style. I ran into one of the artists friends and he pointed something out to me that really is one of the most unique things about Gent, he said to me: “How many other shows have you been to, where the artist was known for characters? Not to …

Gent Gallery3

INTERVIEW // Gent | 48s – ID – SDM

There has been a bit of a Gent overload here at Arty Graffarti, with the video being pushed pretty anywhere the blog can be seen. But with work like this, who can blame Melbourne for not being excited about having this visiting artist? With an exhibition literally around the corner, I sat down with the artist to discuss his beginnings, his time in Melbourne and the forthcoming show. AG: Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from originally and where did the name Gent come from? Was it your first name or one of many? I’m originally from England’s second city, Birmingham in the West Midlands, I was born in a place called Moseley Village. It’s and old industrial city, we were big in the game at the time of the industrial revolution, but like so many cities now, the industry is all gone. It’s also the birthplace of Cadbury chocolate, HP sauce and heavy metal. There’s not much going on there at the moment though, other than stabbings, teenage pregnancies and fried chicken. No, when …


EXCLUSIVE | ‘From Birm To Burn’ by Gent

Anybody who loves their graffiti and street art in Melbourne, has probably ran into the work of a visiting artist named Gent over the passed 5 or so months. His larger then life, over the top self portraits have been very popular in the artist, gallery, blogger and everyday fan communities across Melbourne. Teaming up with the local favourite, Dvate, Gent has been painting a ton of walls and displaying in a few galleries since his stop over, earning his spot in the iconic SDM Crew in the process.   I was lucky enough to have met him on a few chance encounters at my workplace late last year, unbeknownst to who he actually was. As time went on he continued to paint and I ran into him at the Seasons of Change show in December, mystery solved. We discussed his upcoming show at The Vic Bar and I asked him if he would kindly let me film his whilst painting another piece, for which he accepted. After this post you will find a video documenting the …


GALLERY // Seasons of Change: ‘Summer’ with The SDM Crew at Colonel Tans

The Seasons of Change shows have become a welcomed addition to the Melbourne street art and graffiti gallery scene, one could point it to being at Revolver/Colonel Tans [good food, good vibe], but the main thing is probably the shows themselves [very good shows]. Jorz, Shem, Porno, Ling, Mayo, Sabeth, Frame, Cam Scale, Chris Drummond and Dvate have all featured at one time or another, an impressive roster in its own right. But with all due respect to all those previous, SDM would have to be one of the biggest. Despite being a Melbourne born and based crew the arm of SDM stretches far across the globe, with Dabs and Myla in LA, the newly appointed Gent from the UK and globetrotter Aeon going here there and everywhere. Some outside exposure never really hurts anyone, ever, so with a crew like this styles and techniques are going to be coming out the ying yang.With that in mind, SDM certainly doesn’t disappoint from an artists stand point for this show, everyone clearly brought their A-game out …