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DrewFunk & Otis Chamberlain Coalescence Backwoods Gallery14

GALLERY | DrewFunk & Otis Chamberlain ‘Coalescence’ at Backwoods Gallery

Black, white, day, night, love, hate, left, right, these are just some of the things that divide our lives on a daily basis and while they are seemingly seperate, there’s always a fine line between both. This theory certainly relates to this, the latest, bodies of work from Melbourne’s DrewFunk and Otis Chamberlain, two painters who have broken out of the street art mold to stand as artists, in their own right. Working together on this one-of-a-kind show, the artistic duo [and friends] display some heavily contrasting works, while showcasing a perfect example of why ying and yang equals peace. While I had seen a lot of this show before it was released last Friday, there’s always something to be said about seeing large scale work like this together in the confines of a gallery. The layout for this show suits the theme perfectly, with Otis Chamberlain’s working sitting the left, while DrewFunk’s is on the right, with atomic sculptures and the center piece laying in between. ¬†There’s a clear distinction between the two styles …

Otis Chamberlain DrewFunk Coalescense Interview Studio Visit10

INTERVIEW | Otis Chamberlain and DrewFunk ‘Coalescence’ Interview

The prehistoric saying of two being better then one is one of the oldest in the book and while it’s, sometimes preferred, to go into some situations alone, it never hurts to bring a mate or two along the way for a journey. Combining talents can often create an amazingly good or terrifyingly bad experience for those involved and us on the sidelines looking in. This theory can be glued to the culture of art, where a duo of incredible talents, blend their work together to horrific or brilliant results. That’s what Melbourne artists Otis Chamberlain and DrewFunk decided to test for their latest collaborative show at Melbourne’s Backwoods Gallery. Landing in Melbourne some years ago, from two seperate regions of the world, the artists have painted together and individually since their time here, but have decided to combine their talents for this one-of-a-kind show, a perfect meld of coalescence. I sat down with the two artists earlier this week to discuss the show and their current movements in the art world. Arty Graffarti: Hey …