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Vino, Cekis, Peter, Frs, Lead, Stile, Os Gemeos, Finok, Coyo, Caur, Ise, Nunca, Mind, Toes, Remio, Twist Disclaimer: Topsafe london Ltd nor anyone involved in the production of this project or film do in any way support illegal acts of vandalism now wish to encourage or incite illegal graffiti. Nor do we agree with the actions or opinions of those featured in the films or books. The graffiti artist(s) featured got in touch with the film maker anonymously and their full identities remain anonymous. Director : Production: Edit : Music : Loam by Texture, Long Haul by Sonlife Special Thanks : VLOK TOPSAFE LONDON Click here for more work from Topsafe London via Arty Graffarti Click here for more work from Will Robson-Scott via Arty Graffarti

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BOOK // Crack On, Shine On

As far as publications go, the Crack and Shine series has been one of the best the global culture of graffiti has seen over the last 5 years. Headed by the team over at TopSafe London and the super talented snapper Will Robson-Scott, the books have given its viewers an in depth look into the graffiti culture like no other. Coinciding with the rise of current European graffiti heavyweights in Horfe, Roid, Gorey, Utah, Ether and many more, I’ve always considered the series as a modern day version of Subway Art, a claim I’m all too aware of in its scale. But while Subway Art is the definitive bible of graffiti, times have certainly changed since 1984 and the graffiti lifestyle has taken to new forms, media’s and documentation, for which I believe, the Crack & Shine Series leads the pack. The latest and final chapter in the series is Crack On, Shine On, a full colour, perfectly bound book featuring 74 photographs from throughout the collection. A relatively smaller book then its predecessors, this …

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CARBON FESTIVAL 2013 // Forum D: Film & Photography – Will Robson-Scott

Last Sunday, saw the grand finale of what was already a pretty good weekend at Carbon Festival, with Forum D being one of the biggest all together. Subculture photography and film making giants in, Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant joined the stage with relatively new, but already, established photographer Will Robson-Scott. Widely known for his work with TopSafe and their series of graffiti documentation, the Londoner has also been carving out an impressive folio of work in other underground fields.   While most of the speakers, were either physical artists or business entrepreneurs the Film and Photography forum was all about those who work behind the lens of society. Photography is an artform and while I think it’s an open one, by that I mean you’re able to interpret the stories in the images however you like, the real stories are sometimes more fascinating. Will Robson-Scott opened the forum by displaying a small selection of his work, both from the graffiti and subcultural world with fascinating insight into the characters within his images. The subjects in front of his …


MAGAZINE // Hurt You Bad: Concealed Intentions #1

Anyone who mildly follows this blog knows that I am a big fan of the team up at Topsafe in London, whether its the Crack & Shine video or book series, I’ve seen and bought them all, included a fantastic Horfe print. So when it was announced that they were collaborating with the great Hurt You Bad blog to release a magazine about graffiti, I was instantly onboard. These guys have been a constant and consistant inspiration for me and this blog, with this latest installment being another must read cover to cover. One of the things I love about Topsafe is that, they’re the go to guys for some of the worlds most sought after writers at the moment in Horfe and Roids, making their jobs easier then some. But while they include these two in most of their work, they always seem to find more stories about more writers and artists around the world, collaborating with the Hurt You Bad team has only made it even more interesting. The tagline for this first issue states, …


BOOK // Crack & Shine: International

Now I’m not really into comparing certain things against others and I try my hardest not to say something is my absolute favourite, but… I think this could be the best and my most favourite book out right now. If there is better, sure, let me know, but this is definately one to beat. Much like its little brother Crack & Shine: London the International version is more or less the same, but focusing more on some of the best graffiti writers and street artists around the world. With a line up that includes Roid, Andre, Snotrag, Revok, Gore and Horfe, its hard not to ignore the sheer scale of talent and infamy throughout this book, before even reading it. It most definately, lives up to its hype, its price and its previous edition. First of all, I should let you know that, I’ve been waiting for this one, when it hit my local Villain and the Christmas money came through, it was an instant purchase and after spending about an hour on it, I …


BOOK // Crack and Shine: London

You know, at times I feel that graffiti books are a dime a dozen, there are some real ordinary ones out there and I’m particularly very picky when purchasing, usually a bit of a read in store is what I need to put the money forward. But there are a few that really needed no introduction, the Kaws book for example [yes, its actually really good], King’s Way [need I say more?] and probably a dozen others which now that I’m typing this thinking, man I should really review those, people need to know about these books and buy them too! Crack and Shine: London is one of those books, a lot has probably already been said about these “series” and yes, I will be doing a review of the other fantastic addition next, but I definately need to let you guys know, why you need this book in your lives first. First of all, let me say this, no, [clearly] my camera skills haven’t gotten any better, the images throughout this book is so …