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Street art continues to be at awkward standstill in Melbourne for 2015. It’s a topic I have expressed confusion and disappointment in for the last couple years, with little change towards the positive. That’s not to suggest that any change should be made, due to yours truly, but the wave we’re currently stuck in hasn’t been pushing us, to where we should be, for some time. With a number of this cities best street artists finding extended success overseas, only a handful have filled the void they once occupied. And despite all of this, there is still great public art to be found across the Melbourne outdoors, with this list featuring a loaf of artists who predominately practise graffiti. But to suggest that street art is truly “art in the streets” then, the idea of who does what, isn’t so far fetched. Melbourne’s graffiti writers have extended their skills over the last 5 years in particular, stretching their craft into form outside of letters, giving those who question their ability, a lot to be accounted for. This list is no definitive collection, rather the …