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Rashe Digital Dilemma Soma Gallery Brunswick Morning Glory Melbourne

EXHIBITION | Rashe ‘Digital Dilemma’ | SOMA Galley | March 11 – 25

Rashe is a freelance artist & graphic designer, this is his first solo exhibition in Melbourne. With this exhibition he tries to translate his personal experience with various computer software and interfaces into a series of paintings and mixed media works. In doing so, Rashe presents us with a hidden universe full of errors and glitches. For him this is beauty of the digital world. Digitally flawed realities and visually doctored truths.The convenience of technology obscures its inadequacies. We digest misinformation with a blind trust in digitisation. Truth and farce have been fused; and we consume both indiscriminately. We search these flawed depictions of immaterial permanence for a notion of reality. Now, we have begun a reversion toward technological obsolescence, analog transcriptions yet unaffected by the obtrusion of digital deterioration. These representations are isolated from digital interference,and are instead augmented according to our imaginations. EXHIBITION OPENING Friday March 11th from 6PM – Gallery Soma – 421 Sydney Road, Brunswick, Melbourne RASHE – INSTAGRAM SOMA ART SPACE Click here for more work from Rashe via Morning Glory Melbourne


GRAFFITI | Jeme – Creme – Fezbot – Sens – Ouzo – Slack – Kiss | Brunswick

BRUNSWICK Click here for more pieces from JEME via Morning Glory Click here for more pieces from CREME via Morning Glory Click here for more pieces from FEZBOT via Morning Glory Click here for more pieces from SENS via Morning Glory Click here for more pieces from OUZO via Morning Glory Click here for more pieces from SLACK via Morning Glory Click here for more pieces from KISS via Morning Glory



Graffiti is not a sport, but it also kind of is. It’s competitive nature makes it seem that way sometimes, but it’s individualistic spirit keeps it away from over analyzation and a ton of pretentiousness. I’ve been wanting to compile lists like this every year, since starting Arty Graffarti, but have found the whole idea… a bit silly and inadvertently arrogant. In saying that, it’s hard to ignore the amount of talent this city brings to the global scene, as many spread them overseas, while others share theirs here. 2015 (as a whole) has been another great year in the Melbourne graffiti scene, and for all it’s beefs, opinions and praises, the majority who put work into it, have been doing this city justice. Condensing hundreds of pieces was a lot more work then I had bargained for, but I hope this list can really do Melbourne proud, as it showcases its diversity, range and savviness to an unbreakable craft. This list is no definitive collection, rather the best of what I found for 2015. There’s a lot of work out there, but i …



Every piece of graffiti you see on this site contain a lifetimes worth of influence, containing in itself, a past, present and future from it’s creator. While the internet has become the resource for most graffiti writers, the most fundamental of learning experiences come from shared ones. Every practitioner has their own consistent learning curve to advance (or get blocked) over certain periods of their ongoing process, which can be made easier with a equally experienced counterpart to feed from. It’s because of this, that I decided to honour the shared actions of graffiti through this list, as most live and learn through experiences, but an extra set of hands and minds can only make things better. This list is no definitive collection, rather the best of what I found for 2015. There’s a lot of work out there, I unfortunately can’t keep up with the demand this city brings day in-day out. 10. OG23 – ASKEM | RICHMOND SEE FULL POST HERE In theory, side by side, colour-matching pieces should be one of the most simplistic things to …



Street art continues to be at awkward standstill in Melbourne for 2015. It’s a topic I have expressed confusion and disappointment in for the last couple years, with little change towards the positive. That’s not to suggest that any change should be made, due to yours truly, but the wave we’re currently stuck in hasn’t been pushing us, to where we should be, for some time. With a number of this cities best street artists finding extended success overseas, only a handful have filled the void they once occupied. And despite all of this, there is still great public art to be found across the Melbourne outdoors, with this list featuring a loaf of artists who predominately practise graffiti. But to suggest that street art is truly “art in the streets” then, the idea of who does what, isn’t so far fetched. Melbourne’s graffiti writers have extended their skills over the last 5 years in particular, stretching their craft into form outside of letters, giving those who question their ability, a lot to be accounted for. This list is no definitive collection, rather the …