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The graffiti writing subculture isn’t easily digested by the mainstream. The actions and movements of those involved are internal and directed only at our peers and our shared ethos and intentions are very rarely discussed outside this tight group. Our lifestyle is diverse and undefined; we are ageless, without specific race or gender and not determined by economic backgrounds, nationality or geography. We are unconventional travelers. The one thing that levels and unites us is the love to write our names again and again both locally and internationally. This project is a glimpse of my travels, friendships, style and shows a momentary escape from my daily life. AVAILABLE NOW VIA SPRAY DAILY HERE DMOTE Click here for more work from Dmote via Arty Graffarti Click here for more from Spray Daily via Arty Graffarti

No One Special Mind Share

BOOK // No One Special: Mind Share 01

Brendan Lee It’s been just over a year since regional art collective, No One Special opened their online store, offering a number of wearable, readable and everything else in between goodies featuring artwork from a number of Melbourne’s top-tier underground artists. To coincide with this special anniversary, the team have put together their first book, Mind Share: a collection of carefully selected images that could have easily ended up discarded on share-house floors or lost on USB sticks. At 66 pages, this is a book bursting at the seams with a welcomed variety of talent crossing the fields of design, art, tattoo, psychedelia and even graffiti, the staples of No One Specials selective visual flair. I’ve always enjoyed the degree of variety N1S chooses for its projects and Mind Share certainly doesn’t disappoint in that aspect, between Jason Galea’s psychedelic pop collages, Joel Melrose’s otherworldly inner visions or Charley Gerardin’s raw personal pieces, it’s hard to find a better or unique collection of artwork elsewhere. All the artwork provided is printed at a high quality in both black & white, along …

Horfee's Imaginarium Ain't No Doodles9

BOOK // Horfée’s Imaginarium – Ain’t No Doodles

The rise of Parisian graffiti writer, sometimes artist, Horfée culminated at a show in London, in the first half of 2013, firmly establishing him as one of the biggest images makers in the scene for some time. Displaying on a variety of mediums, which included tattoo flash sheets, hand draw small & large scale pieces and classic animation presentations, the PAL Crew alumni showed those in attendance, and the world, that he certainly wasn’t a one trick pony, firmly establishing himself as an artistic force to be reckoned with. And while us fanboys salivated over the images we saw being broadcast across the information super highway, there was word of a art book being released to coincide with that show, being only available at the show. But due to some higher graffito power, we are seeing the left over copies being available to purchase, deliver and into the hands of yours truly, to which I can happily say has been worth the wait. Whether you like them or not, the influence Horfée and PAL Crew …

DFace A Man and His Dog Book3

BOOK // The Art of D*Face: A Man and His Dog

It goes without saying that D*Face is one of the worlds leading figures in the street art scene, consistently bridging the, always difficult, line between the illegal arts and contemporary gallery world. But along with his always-daring escapades, the visual flair, meaning and social significance behind his work puts him at the forefront of a movement that evolves everyday. With a body of work that has lasted over a decade, D*Face has finally complied a collection of his indoor and outdoor works into this 330+ page monster of a book, One Man and His Dog. Designed for fans new and old to the D*Dog master, this book is a terrific example of why this UK bred, globe trotting artist is one of the most significant representatives of street art today.    Limited to just 5,000 copies, One Man and His Dog, follows D*Face’s last 10 years of work of beginning in England to the far reaches of South America, Australia, America and anywhere else with a love for his art. It’s an interesting visual biography …

Crack On Shine On2

BOOK // Crack On, Shine On

As far as publications go, the Crack and Shine series has been one of the best the global culture of graffiti has seen over the last 5 years. Headed by the team over at TopSafe London and the super talented snapper Will Robson-Scott, the books have given its viewers an in depth look into the graffiti culture like no other. Coinciding with the rise of current European graffiti heavyweights in Horfe, Roid, Gorey, Utah, Ether and many more, I’ve always considered the series as a modern day version of Subway Art, a claim I’m all too aware of in its scale. But while Subway Art is the definitive bible of graffiti, times have certainly changed since 1984 and the graffiti lifestyle has taken to new forms, media’s and documentation, for which I believe, the Crack & Shine Series leads the pack. The latest and final chapter in the series is Crack On, Shine On, a full colour, perfectly bound book featuring 74 photographs from throughout the collection. A relatively smaller book then its predecessors, this …

Resistance Australia

BOOK // Resistance Australia

Well… this has been a very long time coming for yours truly and I mean it when I say this, it’s better to have been late then to have never experienced it at all. For those of you who are wondering just what the hell I’m talking about, Resistance Australia is a book 99% photobook highlighting Australia’s current train writing scene. I have been waiting a very long time to get my hands on this book, certain situations and sheer lazyness have prevented me from getting it, but I just recently got my hands on a copy and it was certainly worth the wait. From each page to the next, the book is full of some of the best photo’s our global recognized scene has to offer, making it a definitive piece of work for not just those interested, but for Australia’s scene in general. I must admit, I buy a lot of graffiti and street art related books, call me a sucker along with an idiot, but I’m not a big fan of scrolling …