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Evil ACDC Lane3

Honky Class

A long, long whiles ago I found myself walking through AC/DC Lane checking out what what going up, down and all around the former graffiti, street art and all round Melbourne cultural hotspot. I had spent many, many nights stumbling around the space on loose nights at the now closed Honky Tonks, 3rd Class and of course, Cherry Bar. You could even say that my initial interests in this culture could have particularly stemmed from this time. As the lane has been going through some pretty significant changes over the past couple of years, the explorer in me couldn’t help but take a look at the bottom floor (which I’d never seen before) just to see what was up with the old diggs. As I found a way in I stumbled on this colourless space filled with a couple of graffiti pieces, construction materials and (unfortunately) the workers who use them. A loud “hey!” and a pair of locked eyes was enough for me to realise I probably shouldn’t have been there and after a …