Author: Matt H.

Rashe Digital Dilemma Soma Gallery Brunswick Morning Glory Melbourne

EXHIBITION | Rashe ‘Digital Dilemma’ | SOMA Galley | March 11 – 25

Rashe is a freelance artist & graphic designer, this is his first solo exhibition in Melbourne. With this exhibition he tries to translate his personal experience with various computer software and interfaces into a series of paintings and mixed media works. In doing so, Rashe presents us with a hidden universe full of errors and glitches. For him this is beauty of the digital world. Digitally flawed realities and visually doctored truths.The convenience of technology obscures its inadequacies. We digest misinformation with a blind trust in digitisation. Truth and farce have been fused; and we consume both indiscriminately. We search these flawed depictions of immaterial permanence for a notion of reality. Now, we have begun a reversion toward technological obsolescence, analog transcriptions yet unaffected by the obtrusion of digital deterioration. These representations are isolated from digital interference,and are instead augmented according to our imaginations. EXHIBITION OPENING Friday March 11th from 6PM – Gallery Soma – 421 Sydney Road, Brunswick, Melbourne RASHE – INSTAGRAM SOMA ART SPACE Click here for more work from Rashe via Morning Glory Melbourne

barry mcgee year in review spring edition zine sfqr projects morning glory melbourne2

BUY | Barry McGee ‘Year In Review – Spring Edition’ Zine | SFAQ [PROJECTS]

BARRY MCGEE “YEAR IN REVIEW – SPRING EDITION” $20.00 New Barry McGee artist publication Published by SFAQ[Projects]. Will be released at the Printed Matter LA Art Book Fair, February 2016. 88 pages  Color and Black and White  Edition of 500  Printed and bound in SF BUY IT HERE BARRY MCGEE – SFAQ[PROJECTS] Click here for more from BARRY MCGEE via Morning Glory

cale sexton 12inch launch good time studios morning glory melbourne

MUSIC | Cale Sexton 12inch Launch | Goodtime Studios | March 5

Temporal Cast is proud to announce Cale Sexton’s debut 12” EP, and is bringing together some of our local favorites to mark the occasion at Goodtimes Studios. Only very shortly after his emergence from the depths of Melbourne’s suburban sprawl, Cale Sexton has become one of the most sought-after commodities in the city’s thriving dance music culture. Delivered from behind a nest of wires and hardware, Sexton’s live sets span an ambitiously vast terrain of reference points, combining rich soundscapes with a grasp on rhythm you could expect from a seasoned veteran. With multiple tours and releases planned for this year, this could be the last chance to catch Cale Sexton in such an intimate setting for some time. Live: Cale Sexton Kangaroo Skull Jamal Amir with support from Sleep D and Chiara Kickdrum. TCST02: CALE SEXTON s/t 12” available 15/2 worldwide via Juno FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE CALE SEXTON – GOODTIME STUDIOS


GRAFFITI | Jeme – Creme – Fezbot – Sens – Ouzo – Slack – Kiss | Brunswick

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