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GALLERY // Crunch Time Magazine No. 1


I’m always the first to admit, I love graffiti, but I and this blog is severely missing one factor from the culture, trains. Some people may call it out dated and a waste of time, but it is the essence of what most of the lifestyle is about, getting up, all city, trains travels so you can kill a ton of birds with one can. The only real problem for me is, while I admire guys like Alex Fakso and Will Robson-Scott, I don’t know anyone that deep in the scene to get involved, even as a spectator. But thanks to magazines such as this new one, Crunch Time, I do get a chance to have a quick look into the end result of a good night session.



While Crunch Time isn’t filled with train graffiti, it certainly showcases a decent amount, probably about 70% of this magazine is dedicated to trains, the rest, straight ballin’ graffiti. I really enjoyed flipping through this magazine, there is such a great variety of work spanning an unknown time frame, from Ozone, Romeo, Sens and Skary. This is all about style and substance, if you’re going to paint a wall, you better make it look good, cause a trains gonna leave in 12 minutes and thats all some people need to looks fresh. One of the big reasons why I got this magazine was the spotlight on Melbourne’s own Jetso and Pzor, while they may not be everybodies cup of tea, they certainly deserve some of your respect. Literally, everywhere I go, they have already been and its about time someone showcased their efforts. There are a also great features on Sens and Clive, no interviews, all photo’s, but that’s the way we like it right?




I picked up my copy of Crunch Time from Obese Records in Prahran for a cool $20, head down there fast before they all go!

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