Month: July 2012


INTERVIEW // Toggles ‘Binary Deception’ Interview

To coincide with the opening of his first solo show at Nice Cat this week, I sat down with New South Wales and Melbourne artist Toggles to see what he was all about. Yours truly has been a fan of Toggles’ work for awhile now, enriched with colour and variety, his work has certainly caught the attention of anyone who crosses it too. To back it up, he’s a tip top kind of person [anyone who has met him will surely agree] also, making this, ArtyGraffarti’s first interview, a breeze. 1. What name do you write next to your work? I have been writing Togs for a few years, Toggles is a bit of an extension of that and sounds a bit more pro, it also fits my studio work a bit better, I think. 2. How long have you been doing your work for? I have always been making work in one way or another, but I only really started getting serious about it after a seachange from Steal City for that reason a few years …


BOOK // Taps & Moses: International Topsprayer

Generally in graffiti, trains are the most respected canvas you can leave your mark on and despite it being a rare sighting in Melbourne [it still goes on though], in other countries across the globe, it is still regularly seen. For a lot of writers, bombing trains isn’t a regular, night to night thing, but Taps and Moses decided to take it that little bit further between 2008 – 2010 and bomb 1000 trains in as many days. With a lot of burners ended up on the internet these days, it’s nice to see that a couple of writers have gone out and decided to publish a book on their travels. It should be noted that this collection is of nothing but trains, no canvas’, no walls, nothing but trains, that’s nearly 300 pages of all train action. While that may sound limiting, it couldn’t be further from the truth. This is an astounding collection of pieces by both artists and some of their friends, with no two being the same. Opening it up for …


VIDEO // David Choe’s Htchhickers Guide To America

David Choe has gained a little fame as of late, but lets not forget how incredible of a artist this guy actually is. A while back Vice released these series of video’ showing a look inside the artists life mixed with a few others from everyday people across the The US, it was annoyingly split into  about 6,000 parts, but they have recently thrown them all together into 5, it’s definately worth a watch and if you wanna see more, try find Dirty Hands across the internet, it’s amazing. Vice David Choe