Month: January 2012

45rpm Disposible  Zine8

ZINE // NoFussJustPhotos Disposable Zine By 45RPM

I first caught wind of this great little zine, by Bristol writer 45rpm, on Revok’s blog a few weeks ago and had to pick it up as I thought it looked pretty damn good for the price. It was no surprise that I wasn’t disappointed when it was in my hands, 42 full colour photos bounded nicely in a quant little pocket zine, with an extra separate colour photo from the zine for your wall and a disposable camera to boot. A very unique ensemble, but there’s more to it then a couple of little extra bits and pieces. Through this small package there is a ton of charm and reminder of graffiti is all about. The charm of this zine comes from its photography, if you browse 45RPM’s blog, its full of some fantastic images, all of high quality, along with just as much interest. The zine on the other hand, doesn’t have the same quality, it is compiled of images taken with a disposable camera, very unique in its own right, but… this is how it used to …


BOOK // Crack & Shine: International

Now I’m not really into comparing certain things against others and I try my hardest not to say something is my absolute favourite, but… I think this could be the best and my most favourite book out right now. If there is better, sure, let me know, but this is definately one to beat. Much like its little brother Crack & Shine: London the International version is more or less the same, but focusing more on some of the best graffiti writers and street artists around the world. With a line up that includes Roid, Andre, Snotrag, Revok, Gore and Horfe, its hard not to ignore the sheer scale of talent and infamy throughout this book, before even reading it. It most definately, lives up to its hype, its price and its previous edition. First of all, I should let you know that, I’ve been waiting for this one, when it hit my local Villain and the Christmas money came through, it was an instant purchase and after spending about an hour on it, I …


BOOK // Crack and Shine: London

You know, at times I feel that graffiti books are a dime a dozen, there are some real ordinary ones out there and I’m particularly very picky when purchasing, usually a bit of a read in store is what I need to put the money forward. But there are a few that really needed no introduction, the Kaws book for example [yes, its actually really good], King’s Way [need I say more?] and probably a dozen others which now that I’m typing this thinking, man I should really review those, people need to know about these books and buy them too! Crack and Shine: London is one of those books, a lot has probably already been said about these “series” and yes, I will be doing a review of the other fantastic addition next, but I definately need to let you guys know, why you need this book in your lives first. First of all, let me say this, no, [clearly] my camera skills haven’t gotten any better, the images throughout this book is so …